Healthy habits : 10 good habits to stay healthy

1. Wash hands with soap

• Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds.
• Rinse your hands well under clean, running water.
• Use a paper towel or clean towel in your hand to turn off the water. This keeps your hand clean when you touch the faucet handle, which is not clean.
• Dry your hands using a clean towel or air dry them.

2. Make sure to clean the house

  • According to the scriptures, in the house where cleanliness is done every morning, Lakshmi lives there by making her home. Positivity resides in a clean environment. Nothing is ever lacking in such a house. According to Vastu, it is a necessity to decorate the house and keep it clean.

3. Always eat hot food

listen to it
There is purity in hot food, when the food remains hot.

then any kind of bacteria and other harmful bacteria do not accumulate in it, due to which there are no complaints like vomiting, diarrhea and the body remains healthy. Sometimes cold food becomes hard, which is not even pure, so always eat hot food.

4.Make sure to eat fruits and vegetables

  • Green leafy vegetables beneficial for teeth have bitterness.
  • Beneficial in reducing obesity…
  • Cancer can be prevented…
  • Beneficial in removing anemia
  • Beneficial for skin and hair…
  • prevention of stones

5.Don’t eat outside food

Eating too much can increase your risk of heart disease or stroke. A diet high in fat, cholesterol and sugar increases the risk of heart disease. When dining out, there are more temptations to delve into sweet desserts and condiments, or to splurge with an entrée that you can’t replicate at home.

6. Don’t eat fast food

According to a report, the consumption of junk food affects the digestion power and slows down the metabolism, which leads to the problem of weight gain. If such fast food is consumed, in which the level of sugar is very high, then it increases the risk of developing diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol level along with fat.

7.Keep clean

In life with cleanliness-cleanliness… Cleanliness means the habit of cleanliness. There is a cleanser to take care of with hygiene to stay healthy, tan to stay healthy and laughter. Everyone should be involved in cleanliness.

8.Exercise daily

This not only maintains the energy level in the body, but it also keeps the body in shape. This is because by exercising, the calories in the body are saved from being stored as fat. By exercising, calories provide energy to the body and at the same time it also delivers oxygen and nutrients to our muscles.

9.Incorporate sports into your routine

Sports is an essential part of our life. Sports play an important role in developing a healthy body and mind. There are many types of sports, they help in our physical as well as mental development. Many times there is a situation of stress during continuous studies. In such a situation, sports is a better way to relieve this tension.

10.Get enough sleep

If you get good sleep at night, then the risk of obesity, heart disease, depression etc. is also reduced. According to a study, due to lifestyle and stress, the sleep of most of the people is getting affected today, which has bad consequences on our body.

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